Parenting Difficult Teens - The Rate of Speech

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When an individual knows about the ins and outs of a topic that they are speaking about, the individual may have a faster rate of speech. Why? Because the individual knows exactly what they are talking about, because they have mastered that subject. The individual will not be tripping over their words simply because they have had practice.

Then, at the same time, you have an individual that will speak really fast in order to act as if they know exactly what they are talking about. If you take a closer look at the person, you see that they do not know what they are saying. The individual is talking fast because they are trying to hide something from the listener. When you are speaking with a difficult teen, the rate of speech is very important.

When you are speaking with the difficult teen, you could speak in a manner that makes them feel either great or horrible about themselves. It all depends on the rate of speech and body language you use during this time.

You can use this non verbal tool to benefit you. When you monitor the rate of speech, you will be making sure the listener feels invited to listen truly. Simply put, when you speak with that difficult teen, you should make them feel as if you are fully listening to every word they have to say. When you do this, that connection between you and that teen will grow.

If you are looking to build a good relationship with your teenager, then you will need to monitor how fast or slow you are speaking.

No matter how difficult the teenager is, you should always let them know that you will be there to listen to what they have to say at all times. You should also let them know that they need to listen to you.

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Parenting Difficult Teens - The Rate of Speech

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This article was published on 2010/03/30